BRUNCH" Brokelyn tank">

"BEACH > BRUNCH" Brokelyn tank


Some people use their summer mornings foolishly: they spend precious weekend minutes waiting in line for hours to sit at a table, chew on eggs and sip overpriced mimosas. Guys, mimosas aren't that good. That's why true summer warriors get up early to cruise to the beach, splashing off our hangovers in the ocean while the suckers are stuck trying to split their check. 

Say whattup to the world with this "BEACH > BRUNCH" tank, because cheese fries and nutcrackers are the breakfast of beach champs. 

Each unisex shirt is available in limited quantities in blue/yellow, gray/white and pink/black. Backorders will be filled soonish! Designed + photographed by Madelyn Owens, concept by Kate Mooney; made in Brooklyn at the Gowanus Print Lab.